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I wanted to start this Podcast because I have a passion for the wrap industry. I've networked with some great designers, installers, and manufactures in this trade and feel like I can help by producing the very first Wrap Industry Podcast.

I wanted to start the All Wrapped Up Podcast because I have a passion for the wrap industry. This platform for the industry works well because you can be driving, working or traveling and not miss an episode. Anyone can create a video and talk about the industry but how much time do you actually have to sit down and watch it? That’s where the Podcast idea came to mind.

I wanted to insure I built the podcast the right way from the start, building a website, using good equipment and making sure it was accessible on all devices was a high priority. What I hope to accomplish for the industry is to be able to produce great content for the current and next generation. I know the struggle first hand on what it takes to have a successful business. The endless hours of trial and error, designers block, and having those hard installs, makes the listeners relate to the podcast. There's a lot of different ways to do something in this industry, so let's talk about....



Jeff Gregorio

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3M IJ180CV3 Wrap Film/8915 Matte Laminate

“I originally went to college to major in website development.”

What started as an internship back in college, ended up being the profession that lead me to where I am today. As an intern I started cutting, weeding and taping for a small local sign and lettering shop. Being fluent in Photoshop and Illustrator met no match for me to learn FlexiSign quickly. Once mastering the program and vinyl cutter I started producing graphics for local car clubs and built my clientele in the import car industry. I got more confident in full vinyl graphic pieces with multiple layers on the vehicle that I was building a name for myself.

Just after 2007 the import graphic business had died down and the local shop I worked for was closing. I made the decision that I was going to start my our business then spawned Designflow Graphics. I picked up a used 24” Roland PNC 960 Camm1 that till this day I still own. Recognizing where the market was going I decided to focus on vehicle lettering. At the time I was creating all my graphics on my kitchen table and installing them in my parking lot or on site. Building my commercial clientele via word of mouth, I got to the point that I was in need of a location. It gave me a more sense of pride and accomplishment having my own shop. 

Quickly after moving into my shop in 2009, digital printing was becoming more popular. I purchased my first printer and laminator (54” Roland SP540V and 55” Daige Laminator) on Craigslist from a shop that was closing their doors. I was never taught how to setup files and add cut lines to produce these kinds of graphics. Taking that huge learning curve made me understand how the machine works and I was able to dial in all my jobs to produce a better product. Coming from a vinyl background with multiple layers to now designing everything on the computer made me more interesting in the wrap industry. I started by wrapping my own vehicle and rebranding my business to Designflow Wraps. Learning about all the wrap materials and how to properly install them gave me a real appreciation for this craft and take pride in great quality work.

At this point in my career I want to be able to share my experiences and help others. Im currently freelancing in Vehicle Wrap Designing and Consulting under Profile Design Studio. Ive met some great people in this industry and I'm humbled to give a little back to the ones that may be starting off or even share methods of things that have proven to work.

- J Gregorio



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